Solar Bollard

Solar Bollard

SBL’s Solar Bollard has been in the market since 2005 with more than 8,000 units sold in over 25 countries worldwide. The success is attributed to it’s robust design and proven functionality over time under extreme weather conditions. Made from high impact and marine grade corrosive-resistant materials, SBL Solar Bollards are designed to last for up to 15+ years.  Solar Bollards come in 3 models – Standard series, SR series & HR series, and all are ideal for outdoor applications in areas such as gardens, walkways, parks, housing estates, marinas, jetties, public areas and many others.

SBL Solar Bollards are made in Australia and have been awarded “Most Innovative Product” at the Australian Smart Lighting Summit 2016. 

Here are the unique features of the SBL Solar Bollard. 

  • Vandal resistant
  • Solar-powered with autonomy run time in excess of 3 days
  • 6106 T6 marine grade anodised aluminum pole designed to last 15+ years
  • Designed and made in Australia with highest quality materials
  • Replaceable light head and unique dome-shape design prevents birds from perching and soiling the fixture
  • Quick and easy to install – no electrician or wiring required
  • ZERO maintenance
  • ZERO operating cost
  • 5-year warranty

Impact testing of SBL Solar Bollard

model types








Installation Images

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Download SBL Solar Bollard’s specification sheet for information on all modelsAustralian-Made-full-colour-logo

Download SBL Solar Bollard’s installation guide