Kitchen fumes, more harmful than smoking?

Kitchen fumes, more harmful than smoking?

Recent research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California have discovered that cooking can actually lead to severe long-term health problems*. They found out that cooking releases “particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds” such as Acrolein. Acrolein was used as a component in tear gas during World War I, because it causes irritation to the eyes and lungs. Cooking could generate particulate matter “at concentrations four times greater than major haze events in Beijing.” According to the study, a quarter of the homes with gas stoves have air quality worse than the “worst recorded smog event in London.”

Using the Disability-Adjusted Life-Year (DALY), in which one DALY is one lost year of ‘healthy’ life, they also found out that the health impact of indoor pollution from cooking is on “par with that of car accidents,” and more than “traditional concerns like second hand smoke or radon.”

This is rather alarming as we have been exposed to these contaminants for so long and yet are unaware of it. One of the researchers, air quality engineer Jennifer M. Logue said “Because we’re used to the smell, we don’t think of it as an issue,” If that’s the case, what can we do about it if we can no longer detect it ourselves?

Of course exhausting the cooking fumes outside will help tremendously. However, for those who live in apartments, you are not allowed to exhaust cooking fumes outside your unit. Thus, kitchen hoods are in constant recirculation mode. Unfortunately, these are referred to as “forehead greasers” by Dr. Singer from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory due to their ineffectiveness in thoroughly cleaning the air.

So what then? The solution lies with PlasmaMade, the latest patented 4 stage air filtration technology which cleans air the natural way.

PlasmaMade is catered especially for homeowners who want to/are already using recirculation chimney hoods to filter harmful cooking fumes and gasses, effectively removing particulate matter, bacteria and odours. Equipping the PlasmaMade air filter will help to thoroughly filter all the exhaust air resulting in fresh, purified air, free of harmful gases and particulate matter.

The unit is small and can be installed easily onto the exhaust outlet of any chimney extractor hood and does not require ducting.


The PlasmaMade air filter is small and can be installed easily onto the exhaust outlet of any chimney extractor hood

Basic principle of the PlasmaMade Air Filter from PlasmaMade on Vimeo.

How does it work? The PlasmaMade air filter comes with their patented 4 stage filtration process. Once the hood is turned on, sensors in the PlasmaMade unit detect the air currents from the hood fans and automatically turns the unit on.

The first stage is the plasma filter, which produces cluster ions that collide and attach themselves to harmful airborne particles. From there it goes to a nano fibreglass filter, where the particles are dispersed by two high-voltage electrostatic cores. The air passes through a final, high density carbon filter which prevents harmful O3 from escaping.

Why is this the best option on the market? The filter is self-cleaning and virtually silent. It is very economical as it has low power consumption (12 watts). The PlasmaMade air filter removes all kinds of unhealthy substances such as bacteria, mould and viruses by deactivating the substances, minimizing transference to other people. It is also equally effective against harmful gases, cigarette smoke, pollen, house dust and other allergens. It also generates negative ions which helps with headaches, nausea and concentration. Another advantage is that because this is a self-containing unit, you are left with absolute freedom on where you want your hood to be, since you no longer have to take into consideration the exhaust duct.

How long will it last? With its self-cleaning filters, the PlasmaMade air filter requires little to no maintenance over the course of its lifespan which is about 10 years. PlasmaMade air filters are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. As a “Class III” appliance, fully certified by CE, TÜV and VDE, PlasmaMade makes sure its products are up to the highest safety standards. PlasmaMade holds the reliability and quality of their product in such regard that they are willing to give a 5-year warranty.

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