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About PlasmaMade

PlasmaMade is a patented recirculation filter that adopts an innovative self-cleaning function. The technology in PlasmaMade is based on commonly applied plasma technology.

It can be installed in homes to deal with unpleasant odours, smoke, grease, viruses, fungi, bacteria and other harmful particles in the air that might cause illnesses or irritation to respiratory systems. Read more about its benefits here.



  • Healthier Air
  • Cleaner Air
  • Fresher Air


Compared to a traditional air cleaning device, PlasmaMade’s Airfilter solves a host of other issues that your average household plasma filters do not:

Traditional Filter

  • Is usually sold in combination with a cooker hood and is made with cheaper components and have corners cut.
  • Pre-filters are needed, and need to be cleaned weekly.
  • Special moisture filters are also needed because moisture cannot get into the filter. This reduces airflow during cooking significantly.
  • Very costly and you can only choose between a few models or types of cooker hoods as most are not interchangeable.
  • Plasma unit needs maintenance every year by a certified service technician, which can be very expensive.

Plasmamade’s Airfilter

  • Is compatible with most cooker hoods and has standard two mounting options. Also has its own air sensor which turns the unit on automatically as soon as you turn on the cooker hood.
  • No pre-filter needed, works more efficiently than a conventional hood.
  • No moisture filters needed because it is specially designed to let moisture through. This also gives the filter ‘Class III Appliance’ certification.
  • Fits any type of cooker hood which means you are not bound to one specific type of hood which can be very costly.
  • Low maintenance. Rarely requiring servicing and can be used for 5-10 years without any maintenance.


For more information on the comparison between traditional filters and PlasmaMade filters, please download our information brochure.

With the versatility of the PlasmaMade Airfilter, it is guranteed work in all households with any standard cooking hood.

How it Works

With such advanced technology, you would think that installing the PlasmaMade Airfilter is no mean feat, but it actually is rather simple to install.

The PlasmaMade Airfilter senses airflow and automatically turns on when you turn on your cooking hood, and when you switch off your cooking hood, it will return to a low-power standby mode.

The technology that PlasmaMade employs four techniques :

  • 1. PlasmaMade Airfilter plasma technology

    As airflow moves through this filter, it ensures that ionised plasma (O3) is removed from O2 groups in the air. H2O groups are split into a positive hydrogen ion and a negative oxygen ion, in a process called ionisation. Air is essentially dissected, leaving CO2 and hydrogen in the air flow.

  • 2. Electrically charged fiberglass nano-filter

    This nano-filter is activated electrostatically, making sure the coarse pollutants in the air current are caught.

  • 3. Electrostatic filter, consisting of 2 metal cores

    In conjunction with the nano-filter, all dust particles are attracted and eliminated, through electronic discharge (ESD).

  • 4. Active carbon filter

    The final filter ensures any remaining ozone (O3) is caught, leaving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water to pass through. The available –OH groups remove the hydrogen molecule from the protective shell of the bacterium. As such, odours, mold, bacteria and viruses disappear.


You can find out more about the process of air-filtration in the PlasmaMade filter by downloading our information brochure.